About Your Library
Your library exists to promote the communication of ideas, develop informed citizens and enrich the cultural and intellectual lives of the residents of Nation Municipality.

Public Library Board of Directors

In Ontario, public libraries are created by municipal by-laws and governed by public library boards, as outlined in the Public Libraries Act...


  • Chair: Jocelyne Chénier
  • Vice-chair: Pierre Soucy
  • Trustee & City Councillor: Benoit Lamarche
  • Trustee & City Councillor: René Beaulne
  • Trustee: Claire Bellefeuille
  • Trustee: Jocelyne Carrière
  • Trustee:  Lyne Gagné-Lalonde
  • Trustee: Monique Leduc
  • Trustee: Rosaire Dupont
  • Secretary: Dominique Lacelle


  • When: First Tuesday of each month
  • Time: 7:00 p.m.
  • Where: To be determined

Books, Movies, etc...

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